Bulletin 09 November 1979: Butterfly Note
Butterfly Note

Butterfly Note

Torben Larsen FRES is currently collating the necessary material as a background to a monograph that will be called "Butterflies of Arabia." He is the author of "Butterflies of Lebanon" 1974 and his "Butterflies of Oman" will be published next year. If anybody in the Group is assisting with information on or collecting of butterflies, he would greatly appreciate the help. Mr. Larsen will answer personally all mail received and offer comment on any information or specimens received. Any material sent can either be returned or held on behalf of the sender. The simplest way of sending material is in boxes such as cigar boxes or square tobacco tins, with butterflies packed tightly or padded with cotton wool so that they do not rattle. Each butterfly (or two or three small ones) can be placed in a small triangular paper envelop as demonstrated below. Mr. Larsen's address is: 23 Jackson's Lane, Highgate, London N6, England. Readers are, of course, welcome to forward material to Diane Donohue, the Insect Recorder, or to any Committee member of the ENHG and it will be passed on.

All envelopes should contain (i) locality, (ii) date, and (iii) name of collector.

Fold 1 and 2 before placing butterfly in the envelope. Fold 3 to close afterwards.

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