Bulletin 05 March 1979: Committee
Committee members

The Emirates Natural History Group (Abu Dhabi)

ChairmanTony Harris
TreasurerAnnette Allen
SecretaryBish Brown and Ernestine Munsey
Committee MembersJoan McQuaid
Abdullah Dawood
Mark Hollingworth
William Bertram
Rob Western
EditorRob Western

The Emirates Natural History Group (Abu Dhabi) was instituted in 1976. The annual subscription is Dh30 for individual membership or Dh50 for family membership. Anyone wishing to apply for membership may find forms on display at any meeting or contact the Treasurer on 45057 (residence) or 43900 extension 276.

The ENHG (Abu Dhabi) is still awaiting a post office box number. As a temporary measure all correspondence other than membership applications and payment of subscriptions should be addressed c/o J.N.B. Brown, P.O. Box 303, Abu Dhabi.

The Editor is always pleased to consider material for publication in the Bulletin. Reproduction of photographic material is not possible and any illustrations accompanying material for publication should be drawn in black ink.

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